About the Proposal

What’s in the library levy?

Continuing and expanding early literacy and afterschool programs for children and parents

  • More children starting school ready to read
  • More children reading at grade level
  • More parents empowered to be their child’s first teacher 


Expanding homebound services and programming for people who are disabled and seniors

  • Decreased isolation and loneliness for seniors and persons with disabilities
  • Increased access to social and recreational resources for those most in need
  • Improved health for seniors and persons with disabilities


Providing computer and technology classes and expanded support for job seekers

  • Increased workforce participation
  • Improved placement for job seekers


Providing a College Readiness Program for teens that includes literacy programs, test prep, and application assistance

  • Improved graduation rates
  • Improved college acceptance rates


Improving Library safety so that parents, seniors and families feel welcome at the Library. This includes two full time security guards.

  • Improved community literacy
  • Improved access to informational and recreational resources and services
  • Improved access to high-speed internet and computer resources for those most in need
  • Improved community quality of life
  • Increased perceptions of Great Falls as a great place to live and work
  • Improved community social infrastructure which leads to increased social capital


The levy also supports

Expanding our hours to be open seven days a week providing more service to all community members

Expanding Bookmobile services to six days a week providing more services to daycares, schools and seniors

Increased funds for books and materials

Free parking for all library patrons


How much does this cost?

Increase the annual tax on a $100,000 home is approximately $20.25 per year or $1.70 per month.

Increase the annual tax on a $200,000 home is approximately $40.50 per year or $3.37 per month.

Please visit the Montana Property Tax Payer Assistance Program for more information: Montana Property Tax Assistance Program

The average support for libraries in Montana is $31 per capita while the Great Falls Public Library is funded at $19 per capita. 


Who can vote?

Voters who are residents of the City of Great Falls. Taxes are only assessed on City of Great Falls properties.


Will this levy renovate the existing building?

No. The library foundation is raising private dollars to pay for building renovations.


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